Sunday, 2 March 2014

Volumetric Renders

I've spent a bit more time both getting some decent volumetrics source data (via Mantaflow for the fluid simulations and better self-created procedural clouds for the images below) and improving Imagine's Volumetrics rendering capabilities.

Below are two animations rendered of smoke fluid simulations:

Smoke filling a virtual tank from ImagineRender on Vimeo.

Smoke in Cornell Box from ImagineRender on Vimeo.

I've added importance sampling (not MIS yet - currently there's a separate integrator for anything with volumetrics in it) of mediums, so noise is reduced a bit, and I've optimised several things - calculating the transmission integration through the medium for lighting is now done with double the step distance than Camera and other GI rays use (I could probably do the same for diffuse GI rays in the future), and I've added data window extents to my voxelbuffer format, both of which together give significant speedups (the latter especially with trilinear filtering and sparse volume extent).

I've also added initial emission support, but the results are currently pretty noisy.

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